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Wickham Market Pharmacy

Visual 2.jpg

Completed project (top)  Rendered visual of concept design (bottom)


Based around 10 miles outside Ipswich, Suffolk, the Wickham Market Pharmacy project was a minor relocation into a vacant grade II listing building. 

Working closely with the client, we put together a design that allowed a flowing retail space whilst coming up with a scheme which was in keeping with the buildings aesthetics. 


The dark wood of the existing beams and frames were emulated throughout the retail space on the internal doors and retail end panels. 

3D visuals were important in this project as they helped to show what was achievable in the space with such low ceilings. 

The visuals were also used to find the best material that would match the existing beams and show the client how the finished project would look.

Visual 1.jpg

Rendered visual of concept design (top) Completed project (bottom) 

Wickham Market Pharmacy has been a grade II listed building since 1966, it has low ceilings and many changes in floor level. 

To overcome the issue of the DDA access, Crescent installed a ramp by the front door and a second ramp further into the retail area. The counter has a low- signing point and also a security barrier keeping the public away from the Prescription medications and dispensary. 

The low ceilings resulted in limited room to install a suspended ceiling, to light the pharmacy we installed surface panel lights. Not installing a suspended ceiling allowed us to leave the existing beams exposed, a part of the buildings heritage to cherish on display. 

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