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Marks Tey Pharmacy

MarksTeyPharmacy_July2020-0021_front counter - resized.jpg
MarksTeyPharmacy_July2020-0291_front 2.jpg

Our goal is to create spaces that not only function perfectly, but also look great. That’s why we were excited to work with Marks Tey Pharmacy, creating a space that was both efficient and visually appealing. We used floating shelves and bespoke gondolas on castor wheels to create a versatile retail space that could be easily repositioned. Take a look at our work below to see the final result.


We designed a warm oak bespoke counter positioned opposite the shop entrance, with the white glow of the LED medicine headers this creates a natural walkthrough to the centre point of the pharmacy. Accents of black can be found within the design like the retail shelves fixtures and pendant lights to balance the oak wood.



To create a light airy yet modern consultation room for the patients, glass sound cancelling partitions were chosen. 

7020-Rev08_Scene C.png

Rendered visual of concept design

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