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Pharmacy First 

What is Pharmacy First? 

Pharmacy First is a new advanced service that includes 7 new clinical pathways. This enable pharmacists to offer advice to patients and supply NHS medicines to treat 7 common health conditions:

·         Sinusitis 

·         Sore throat 

·         Earache 

·         Infected insect bite 

·         Impetigo 

·         Shingles 

·         Uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women 

How we can help

Our pharmacy refurbishment services are designed to incorporate the latest trends in the industry and provide you with a modern, fresh look that will leave your customers impressed. Our design team will work closely with you to implement Pharmacy First within your space, whether that's a new consultation room or a full refurbishment. With our tailored services this will enhance the pharmacist-customer interaction and provide a better customer experience.  

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Check out some of our recent projects that incorporate Pharmacy first 
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